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Ethiopia Fikire Majo - Natural Processed

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Fikire and his wife, Mrs. Netsanet Yohannes work together to produce quality coffee. Of their nine children, two are directly involved in the overall activities of their family’s coffee production such as planting new coffee seedlings, picking, sorting, drying, and sorting of ripe cherries as well as transporting when needed.

Fikire and Natsanet’s five-hectare property has 3.5 hectares currently planted to
coffee. With each passing year, Fikire works hard to expand his coffee farm business in
ways that can help him potentially produce award-winning coffee ,and is always looking
to bring innovation and improvement to his operation. He works closely with
knowledgeable individuals, companies, and coffee buyers, seeking sustainable growth
for his farm, family and community.

Cupping Notes: Blueberry jam, wild berries, pomegranate juice, hibiscus, grenadine, black cherry cola.

Region: Sidama
Growing Altitude: 1935 masl
Arabica Variety: Heirloom varieties
Milling Process:Natural


12 oz (340 g) coffee in a resealable high barrier bag.

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