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Colombia Bochica Sucafina

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Colombia Excelso
Bochica Sucafina Original
Bright, Chocolate, Silky, Herbal, Floral
Various fully traceable cooperatives, associations and direct partners within the Sucafina supply chain from Hulia, Tolima, Caldas, Risaralda, Antioquia Regions

Bochica is sourced from smallholders in Colombia's most famous coffee-growing regions. These farmers typically use the traditional Fully washed method of processing. Cherry is selectively handpicked and then pulped, usually on the farm. After pulping, coffee is fermented in tanks for 26 to 36 hours. Then, parchment is washed in clean water and laid on parabolic beds to sundry for up to 20 days. We pay a premium for sun-drying, and for overall quality, to help producers remain sustainable.

In addition to paying a premium for quality, we are also supporting communities through sustainability programs. A premium from every bag of Bochica will go to support clean drinking water projects in partner communities.

Coffee for Clean Water
Safe, clean drinking water is a human right but currently, not all people have access to potable water. Your purchases of our Colombian Bochica Sucafina Original will contribute to building water filtration systems in coffee farming communities in Colombia through The Farmgate Initiative.


12 oz (340 g) coffee in a resealable high barrier bag.

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